The Parliamentary Review.

Martin Cairncross Engineering was recently invited to feature in the prestigious Parliamentary Review, chaired by Lord Pickles, former Conservative Communities Secretary, and Lord Blunkett, former Labour Home Secretary, The Parliamentary Review, a series of independent publications, aims to share best practice among business leaders and policy makers.

The government selects the top ten performing UK companies in each category to be included in this prestigious award.

The magnitude of achieving this pinnacle of recognition cannot be overstated, and Martin Cairncross Engineering – a small company with a workforce of six – is not only blazing a trail across Europe but has also penetrated the US market with its ground-breaking can production processes.

The Monmouthshire company has managed to bring bespoke innovations to the production lines of multinational billion dollar can making companies delivering tremendous savings, both in terms of safety and production costs. Consequently, Martin Cairncross Engineering has succeeded in outperforming their competitors’ products in terms of cost and performance, which led to a 70 per cent increase in turnover during the 2016/17 financial year, and an export market supplying equipment (to attach to coating machines in the metal decorating industry) in over 120 countries.

One of the key innovations is the fingertip touch pneumatic scraping system, a patented solution that vastly increases
can-making production time, extends scraper blade life by 400 per cent, and provides an increased lifespan of 20 years for extra-hard-duty scraper cylinders.

This innovation was launched at international trade shows in Germany and Martin Cairncross Engineering was
delighted to be awarded Silver in the Innovation Award at Essen Trade Fair.

In addition to increased demand for this equipment in the UK, France, the Czech Republic, Israel, Dubai, the
Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey, the product impressed the largest global can maker – based in the US – to the extent that Martin Cairncross Engineering was asked to design a bespoke system to meet the requirements of their machines.
This resulted in an order book for the Caldicot-based company for components to run in several of their US plants.

Martin Cairncross Engineering also makes a significant contribution to environmental issues through its unique
import/refurbishment/export service. This revolutionary scraper blade re-sharpening technique greatly extends the
life of the scraping edge, so much so that weekly orders arrive from several countries including the USA.

Finally, Martin Cairncross Engineering takes a leading role in the development of sheet preparation, and is fully
supported by the industry. This reinforces the ethos of the company that the value of a business is the people who produce consistently good products.