Blade Re-Grinding Service

World wide Scraping Blade re-grinding service

The life of the blades are directly proportional to the evenness of the scraping edge. A blade, which beds in quickly will by definition have a very even edge, promoting long life. Conversely, a blade with an uneven edge will take a long time to remove the unevenness or high spots!


We have for a number of years operated a scraper blade grinding service for most of the can makers in Europe. Our revolutionary grinding technique extends the life of the scraping edge compared to blades ground on the standard blade grinding machines. Most of our customers own blade grinding machines and yet would rather send their blades to us for grinding, even weekly re-grinds from USA and middle east. The finished blade is checked in our blade checking jig and certificated for scraping ability before despatching. Metal decorators find that the additional production more than covers the extra cost of the re-grind.

We have introduced a certificate grading system (colour coded) into our blade re-grinding service. The grading is crucial, because not all the customers blades originate from "Cairncross" and some of these blades lack the integrity to benefit from our new grinding geometry. Some scraper blades will stress relieve over time causing scraping problems. Our grinding technology incorporates both new geometry with a unique device which has the capability to access the future successfulness of the re-ground blade. The process of grading is carried out by awarding colour coded certificates : Green for short bedding in time-Yellow for medium bedding in time and Red for long bedding in time. This is a new and useful tool for coating managers, as they now have the information to evaluate which is the greater loss: production or the scraper blade!

The service is used by Metal Decorators all over the world, our re-grind turnround time is usually 48 hours.

Refurbishment of Bottom Scraper Cylinders

We have for over 30 years ground and super finish bottom scraper cylinders for Metal decorators all over the world. In a situation where no spare cylinder is available, our service can be carried out in 48 hours. Our service includes refurbishment of any damaged journals etc. The super finish of the cylinder is very important, so to this end we issue a certificate of conformity.


New Scraper Blades and New Scraper Cylinders

We supply scraper blades for most makes of coating machines at competitive prices. Again as in the manufacture of our scraper cylinders, we have employed the same new technology, using only the highest quality alloys to produce a blade which will help to combat the abrasive qualities of BPA-ni White Titanium coatings. We offer wear resistant level: "Hard Wearing".

Our blades are ground and honed in such a way as to last longer and bed in quicker. Our new blade grinding geometry greatly reduces the bedding in time and consequently extends the life of the scraper blades. Hitherto, the bedding in of scraper blades could take from 10 minutes to a couple of hours of lost production. The new process also has the facility to confirm("in-house") that the bedding in time of the finished blade is to within acceptable limits, thus by saving valuable coating and press production time. The system works so efficiently that our existing customers who normally grind their own scraper blades, now return all their blades for re-grinding.   

Bedding in and Blade life

The bedding in time on our new blades is 1-15 minutes. The life of the blade (regardless of the supplier) is directly proportional to the evenness of the scraping edge. A "Cairncross" blade, which beds in quickly will by definition have a very even edge, promoting long life.

Conversely a non Cairncross blade with an uneven edge will take a much longer time to remove the unevenness (high spots), thus by promoting short life.

Revolutionary Scraping (Compression) Rollers and Blades for all coating machines. (Designed for use with abrasive “White Titanium Coating”)

We supply new bottom scraper rollers for most makes of coating machines at up to 40% off manufacturers list price. Our new bottom scraper (compression) rollers, have been designed to help withstand the abrasion from white “Titanium” coatings. The new casting technology coupled with high-alloyed materials produces a fine grained hard-wearing structure, which is more resilient to abuse from over tensioned scraper blades! We offer these scraper rollers in two hardness levels: “Hard Wearing” & “Extra Hard Duty”.

"Hard Wearing" Scraper (Compression Roller)
The “Hard wearing” scraper roller is significantly harder than the “Standard” OEM (original equipment manufacturer) roller. This roller will therefore maintain its highly polished surface, which will enable it to perform longer at all levels, including white Titanium coatings. This roller has a much greater life span than the “Standard” OEM roller, we recommend that our “hard wearing scraper blade” be used with this roller.

“Extra Hard Duty” Scraper (Compression Roller)

The “Extra Hard Duty” scraper roller is significantly harder than our “hard wearing roller”. This roller is designed to maintain its highly polished surface “longer” in all conditions, including white Titanium coatings, and unintentional abuse from the machine operator, when the roller and blade is run dry. With this roller we recommend two blades : our “hard wearing blade”, or, our “extra hard duty” blade, both will give long life service, but the “extra hard duty” blade will last much longer.

The benefits of this cylinder and blades can be used to maximum effect when used in conjunction with our Pneumatic scraping system, typical wear from this cylinder using White Titanium would be 0.001" -0.002" per year, giving a life span of 10-15 years. OEM cylinders wear at 0.010"-0.015" per year on White Titanium and therefore have a life span of 2-3 years.

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