Fingertip Touch Pneumatic BPA ni Scraping System

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Martin Cairncross 'Fingertip Touch' scraping system from Martin Cairncross on Vimeo.

Martin Cairncross Engineering Ltd : "Fingertip Touch" Flexible Pneumatic scraping system:

1. Blade wear on white aggressive coatings are usually 150,000 to 200,000 sheets .
2. Blade change time 2-3 minutes , this can be carried out by the operator - A fitter is not required!
3. Blade bedding in time 2-3 minutes.
4. Blade usage additional life ie: blade wears down to 48mm wide, normally 87mm wide ie: 52% of wear instead of 13%.
5. Light blade touch prolongs scraper cylinder life.

As used by Crown Cork Packaging UK PLC plants at Worcester, Poole & Tyneside and by the Impress Metal Packaging /Ardagh Group France and others. We can arrange for the system to be trialled on your production line!

Why "Fingertip Touch" ? Because the pressure applied by pneumatic system replicates the same pressure which can be applied by your fingertips, this gentle pressure provides full blade contact with the cylinder, thus ensuring longevity for both the blade and cylinder!


New technology in scraping for coating machines

*Longest blade run to date 3 million plus sheets (includes 250,000 white Titanium sheets)

*Blade life 100mm wears down to 48mm.

*Blade change -over and bedding in time 4-5 minutes.

* Clean backs

*Fingertip touch : Flexible Blade prolongs both blade and cylinder life

At last: innovation in scraping technology.

Martin Cairncross Eng have designed an alternative scraping system for your coating machines. The system is available for most machines. The system was demonstrated at "METPACK " and was presented with Silver place in the innovation awards.

In essence we offer a low cost solution to improve your coating production by means of reducing the downtime on scraper blade change -over`s and improve scraper blade life facilitated by even pressure across the face of the scraping face of the blade. At the same time reduce your capital expenditure on scraper blades.

On your current system scraper blade change over times can vary between 30 and 60 minutes, this can be reduced to 5 minutes using this system. The frequency of blade change -over`s can be very high when using White Titanium. Some metal decorators change the blade every 12 hours. Based on this frequency the time lost in blade change -overs in a 12 month period is 290 hours to 640 hours. Using our system the time lost changing blades over the same period would be 60 hours!!

Improved Blade Wear

Using our Pneumatic scraping system you will get four times the normal wear from you blades. Starting from 100mm wearing down to 48mm. You can use your existing blades in our system, Note: the slots are no longer required.

  • Stage 1: 100mm -87mm
  • Stage 2: 87mm - 74mm
  • Stage 3: 74mm - 61mm
  • Stage 4: 61mm - 48mm

Improved Performance
Because our system applies the same pressure over the entire length of the blade, full contact is made instantly, which produces a clean scrape, usually within one to two minutes. Thus saving on valuable production time during bedding in!


Blade setting jig:
The blade can be set by the coating operator when the coater is in operation, there is no need of a qualified fitter.


Extra Hard Duty scraper cylinders:

The benefits of our Extra Hard Duty scraper cylinders and blades can be used to maximum effect when used in conjunction with our Pneumatic scraping system. Typical wear over a one year period using White Titanium would be 0.001"-0.002", thus increasing the life of the cylinder to 10-15 years. Compared to a wear rate of 0.010"-0.015" on OEM cylinders which means a life span of 2-3years.