Manufacture of Coating Applicator Rollers & Accessories

Cairncross "compatible" Aluminium applicator coating rollers, can be supplied with or without the rubber coating for Crabtree F1 & 1290 fast ready, Mailander 460, LTG 4040 and steel rollers for Wagner & Ratcliff coating machines.

Showing permanent stub shaft fitted

New One Piece Coupling for Applicator Rollers


It is several years since we introduced this revolutionary time saving system to Metal Decorators. Most major companies have successfully adopted the system, it can be used on the following coating machines:
Crabtree F1 & 1290 Fast Ready, Mailander & LTG as shown:

New One Piece Permanent Coupling

Simply bolt on - once only! It replaces the repetitive changing of the "Old Type Heavy shaft" These stubs shafts can be fitted to your existing rollers. The systems features:

  • Improve time saving on roller change over.
  • Improve stencil registration.
  • Improved concentricity, I.E.: permanent centres
  • Improve stencil life, with horizontal storage.