Blade Re-Grinding Service

World wide Scraping Blade re-grinding service

The life of the blades are directly proportional to the evenness of the scraping edge. A blade, which beds in quickly will by definition have a very even edge, promoting long life. Conversely, a blade with an uneven edge will take a long time to remove the unevenness or high spots!


We have for a number of years operated a scraper blade grinding service for most of the can makers in Europe. Our revolutionary grinding technique extends the life of the scraping edge compared to blades ground on the standard blade grinding machines. Most of our customers own blade grinding machines and yet would rather send their blades to us for grinding, even weekly re-grinds from USA and middle east. The finished blade is checked in our blade checking jig and certificated for scraping ability before despatching. Metal decorators find that the additional production more than covers the extra cost of the re-grind.

We have introduced a certificate grading system (colour coded) into our blade re-grinding service. The grading is crucial, because not all the customers blades originate from "Cairncross" and some of these blades lack the integrity to benefit from our new grinding geometry. Some scraper blades will stress relieve over time causing scraping problems. Our grinding technology incorporates both new geometry with a unique device which has the capability to access the future successfulness of the re-ground blade. The process of grading is carried out by awarding colour coded certificates : Green for short bedding in time-Yellow for medium bedding in time and Red for long bedding in time. This is a new and useful tool for coating managers, as they now have the information to evaluate which is the greater loss: production or the scraper blade!

The service is used by Metal Decorators all over the world, our re-grind turnround time is usually 48 hours.

Example Colour Coded Cards

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